Clara hy Lee


Words Unsaid is a project that evolve around thoughts on social interactions and intimacy. We meet other people and engage in social interactions on daily basis but we are conventionally trained to constrain our deepest thoughts and desire within ourselves.

The folded paper crane is a representation of the two sides of a person in a social gathering situation- the surface and the underneath. I made a voice recording of part of the conversation that took place at a dinner gathering with a group of friends. The topic of our discussion varied from making light jokes to discussion about religion to updates on other people’s relationships. Afterwards, I made a transcript of the conversation that took place and printed it onto a piece of paper. With this paper, I asked to meet individually with one of the people that were at the gathering and also ask him/her to think about something that was on their mind at the gathering but could not freely discuss or felt hesitant to share with a group of people for whatever reason. When meeting the individual I asked him/her to write down what they could not say on the back of the transcript paper with a marker, assuring them no one would see it. Then I guided him/ her in folding the paper into a paper crane so to conceal the written words inside the crane. The images are a documentation of this crane, where with a camera, I am trying to examine both sides of spoken and unspoken words.